Foxy Brown Reveals Secret Daughter! (Photos)

Guaranteed to have you coming back again and again for more. Wednesday, August 27, R. Scores of demonstrating residents yesterday staged a small protest just in front the Kingston central police station to challenge what they was the cold-blooded murder of Carlton Grant, the son of dancehall artiste Spragga Benz. The mourning residents, most of whom are from communities within central Kingston, tied their heads with thin pieces of black cloth as a signal of their displeasure. Fatal shooting According to the residents, Carlton was known by many within their communities and surely will be missed. His fatal shooting they expressed yesterday, was a sure act of murder. In explaining their claims, one resident who begged for anonymity told THE STAR that a housemate of hers happened to witness the incident. Alleged witness Another resident at that point took over the conversation and continued to explain what the alleged witness had recounted.

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May 24, Hey guys! I’ll tell you now, this is a lengthier post so I’m warning you now. While Nicki played somewhat coy, she did admit to having “sleepovers” with Nas. She also says that she’s “celibate” but may make an exception for Nas.

The New York rapper dated Spragga Benz in the early s but have since split. Ashanti was in Jamaica hosting a party at Fiction nightclub and ringing in the new year at a party at Shaggy’s house.

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Foxy Brown is dissing Ashanti on Instagram saying that the R&B singer is dating her ex-boyfriend Spragga Benz. The New York rapper and the dancehall deejay dated in .

Smith album were in attendance that night and were impressed enough to let Brown rap over ” I Shot Ya. The album sold over , copies in the first week, and debuted at 7 on the Billboard album charts. The album was released via Aftermath Records and was produced and recorded by the collective team of Dr. Chyna Doll album Foxy Brown releases her second album Chyna Doll, which debuts at number one on the Billboard , the first album by a female rapper to do so Chyna Doll was released in January , delayed from its original November release date.

Chyna Doll has been certified platinum after surpassing one million copies in shipments. Broken Silence Main article: Its first single was “BK Anthem” showcased Brown changing to a “street” image and giving a tribute to her hometown, Brooklyn, and famous rappers such as The Notorious B. The second single from the album was “Oh Yeah”, which featured her then-boyfriend, Jamaican dancehall artist Spragga Benz.

Surprise! Foxy Brown Reveals Infant Daughter [Photos]

Minaj deixou o grupo, insatisfeita com a falta de sucesso. Ela usou primeiro o nome “Nicki Maraj”, mudando depois para “Nicki Minaj” declarando: Em 18 de abril de , a artista divulgou um terceiro mixtape e apareceu na revista XXL. Continental Drift , chamada Steffie, uma mamute-lanoso. Roman Reloaded e American Idol Ver artigo principal:

Foxy Brown is not feeling R&B singer Ashanti after the former Murder Inc princess shared a snap of she and Jamaican dancehall DJ/artist Spragga Benz, who happens to be Foxy’s ex fiancee.

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Throwback Thursdays: DJ Autograph on Foxy Brown and Baby Cham’s “Tables Will Turn”

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September 8, Lyrics Comments: In March of this year, Foxy Brown suddenly gave birth to a baby girl and no one even knew she was pregnant because she is rarely seen in public these days. She never revealed the identity of her baby daddy and that triggered rumors that Spragga Benz is the father of her child. Neither of the two stars confirmed, but they did dated each other back in the early s and have broken up since.

Back in March, Wendy Williams broke the story of Foxy Brown giving birth on her show while adding that the father is a well-known reggae star. At the time, Foxy was also dealing with a miscarriage and some folks blamed their breakup on that emotional turmoil.

On"Oh Yeah,” the lead single for Broken Silence, Foxy shares the spotlight with her then boyfriend, Dancehall legend Spragga Benz, whose reggae scat was the Barnstorm trick which distinguished this song from all the others on NY radio, that and a familiar sample (Toots and the Maytals).

Foxy Brown Foxy Brown born Inga Marchand on September 6, in Brooklyn, New York is an American rapper of Trinidadian and Asian descent known for her solo work as well as numerous collaborations and a brief stint as part of hip-hop supergroup The Firm. She has released three solo albums: After a bitter split with her record label Def Jam in , Brown ended up in label limbo. She admitted to the media her face was dangerously ugly as lil kim said, but then added im pretty"short” and"fat” too.

In she made music history when her album Chyna Doll entered the Billboard album chart at No. In while in the midst of recording her fourth studio album Black Roses, Brown faced another hardship when she was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss. Brown also landed in legal trouble when two manicurists who alleged that she assaulted them during a altercation, pressed criminal charges against her.

After turning down several plea bargains, Brown is expected to go on trial in January , the same month that she will undergo another surgery to restore her hearing. Inga Marchand – a. In her Park Slope childhood days, young Inga was mesmerized by blaxploitation films. She watched practically every one, and chose Pam Grier’s title character Foxy Brown as her moniker.

Foxy and her childhood friend Lil’ Kim who Foxy is often compared to fantasized about the days that they would be successful in the rap world.

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Benz was born Carlton Grant in Kingston on May 30, , and earned the nickname"Spaghetti” as a youth because of his slim build; it would later mutate into his stage name, Spragga. He became a disc selector for the L. Benz sound system, and first tried his hand at toasting in on a dare from Buju Banton , who needed B-sides for some dubplates he was cutting for the sound system.

Foxy Brown Talks Love For Spragga Benz In Lengthy Love Note Foxy Brown love for he is unconditional, at least that is what she i — Reggae Vibes Radio He is a great artist — Infinite Power Sound.

Foxy Brown Is Completely Deaf Her boyfriend, Tyson Beckford, Doug E. Fresh, and Kimora Lee Simmons were among those in attendance. Speaking publicly about her hearing loss for the first time, Foxy Brown held a press conference Thursday where it was revealed that the rapper hasn’t heard another person’s voice for months and has needed someone to tap out beats on her shoulder when in the studio.

As she fought back tears, Brown delivered an emotional speech about the onset of her sudden, profound and severe hearing loss this past spring, while she was recording her forthcoming album, Black Roses. She is a strong candidate for restoration,” the doctor proclaimed, adding that the recovery time following the operation differs from patient to patient but should be brief for Foxy.

Brown has already undergone one surgery to correct her failed hearing. Foxy Brown will have the surgery in January. You can check out some pictures from her press conference below. Oh yeah, Why did I not know that she is dating Tyson???

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I find it crazy how a lot of men do f- up stuff to the women end of getting pregnant. Where was that same respect that he wanted when he was bashing her and putting her through hell. He focuses on a fast life more than anything and tbh teah Royal favor him skin color but she looks more like her mother to me. Beautiful baby and her mother doing a damn good job jarissa simon 23 days ago Damn that baby is a spitting image of her dad Carole Carole 23 days ago Females you all need to stop doing that holding the child from the father you made the decision to get pregnant by that man you knew what he had his capabilities his in capabilities and you chose to have a baby by him so don’t use the child less pain you are denying the child rights to know their father regardless that’s the man you chose.

Nov 13,  · Having built a profile that has made him a Dancehall legend, Spragga Benz has helped to pioneer the sound to a worldwide level, going as far as to collaborate with artists as diverse as Ben E King, Wyclef Jean, KRS-One, Foxy Brown, Lil’ Bow Wow and more recently Stephen and Damian Marley, and the latest track bottles this all in to one record to show exactly why he is a cut above and.

Career He began his career around Once known to his friends as"Spaghetti” tall and slim , but this was later shortened to Spragga. The Benz in his name comes from the sound system for which he used to work for, L. Benz, and it is through this that he found his way into the music industry at a Dubplate recording session with Buju Banton.

The famed elder DJ was slated to do four tracks for L. Benz but only voiced two and suggested that Spragga do the other two. Since he was new to recording, he freestyled a couple of lines of what would then become,"Love Mi Gun”, a popular tune. A series of well-received singles followed, many included on his debut album, Jack It Up The album didn’t sell well enough for Capitol, who dropped him, after which he spent a few years releasing further singles in Jamaica, also collaborating with the likes of Wyclef Jean and KRS-One.

In the same year, Benz made his film acting debut in Brooklyn Babylon, and the following year played a leading role in the gangster film Shottas. In , Benz recorded a number of duets, with the likes of Carly Simon and Shannon, with the aim of breaking into the US market. Personal life In the late s, Benz founded the Stay In School program which provided help for needy students in his hometown of Franklin Town.

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Foxy Brown shared the first photo of her baby girl that dancehall star Spragga Benz allegedly fathered.. In March of this year, Foxy Brown suddenly gave birth to a baby girl and no one even knew she was pregnant because she is rarely seen in public these days.

So acute was the anticipation for her debut that it instigated a financial wrestling match between major labels vying for the privilege to release it; Def Jam ultimately won out, resulting in the debut Ill Na Na. A record by a female artist with a title praising the caliber of her genitals is bound to attract some notice, and Ill Na Na accordingly entered the charts at the 7 position. The following year, Brown took part in the rap collective The Firm, appearing on their Dr.

Dre-produced release The Album. By this time her popularity was such that the record went straight to 1 — the first time this had been accomplished by a female rap artist. The rapper decided she was unwilling to continue this lifestyle and dropped out of the business for a while, returning to her life as Inga Marchand. She resumed her music career in with the release of her third record Broken Silence, addressing many of the issues that had come to haunt her public persona.

Woke up completely deaf on 23 May Both parents descend from Trinidad, with her father half African, half Chinese. Kurupt rapper, dated , engaged , separated Boyfriend:

Foxy Brown introduces us to her adorable baby localhost:81 who’s the baby daddy?