Because i wish it wasn’t just a rumor. I was hoping that these couples were actually dating in real life. I don’t know its only me or what, this dating news never made me feel jealous. Instead i feel happy for them: Picturing these actors and actresses having their private love life, despite their tight schedule, was really nice to know. So right now, i will write down some of dating rumors that i wish it was real! After acted together in It’s Okay That’s Love, lots of kdrama fans expecting they’re becoming couple in real life.

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It’s fun to hear more rumors and take it with grain of salt. There is no fire without smoke, remember? It’s blind item because it’s without names and we can’t be sure enough until it’s proven. Without further ado, here is some blind items or rumors that become real, including:

Jun 30,  · Long time ago, Kang Min Hyuk revealed he and Yong Hwa auditioned for the same role in You’re Beautiful which is one of the reasons of the boost in Yong Hwa’s career at that time. For some reasons, the team chose Yong Hwa because it fits Yong Hwa more as Kang Min Hyuk is more.

The actors were given character names and the plot was entirely fictional; the actors are acting as actors on a drama-within-the-drama, named Iron Lady. Through that, the show explores the central question: For instance, Ha Suk-jin D-Day plays a smart, urbane character named Park Ryuk, who has a mysterious air and unknown past. Yoon So-hee Memory plays Go Al-li, an ordinary office worker by day and charismatic fighter by night.

These first two clips are straightforward teasers that look like standard drama scenes: In the first, Minhyuk and Yoon So-hee are filming a forehead kiss scene for Iron Lady, when he gets carried away and kisses her on the lips, and they act bashful afterward. This could be a really nifty idea, if the producers do a good job of it and keep a tight hold of their concept.

The setup makes me recall the early days of The Producers and also the teasers , when the producer-characters were filmed by a documentary crew in the style of The Office, before the show ditched the mockumentary style entirely. After the Show Ends will air on Saturday nights and run for eight weeks; drama-within-the-drama Iron Lady will also be eight episodes long and airs as a web series.

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A’s Hyungsik would date his ‘High Society’ love interest in real life? Hyungsik dating, is park hyung sik dating now? He decides that this level of strength is far beyond normal. Bong-soon visits her dad at the walnut shop.

Kim Woo Bin (24) and Yoo Ji Ahn (25) have been dating for 2 years, it was admitted by Kim Woo Bin’s agency, SidusHQ Kim Bum & Moon Geun Young Kim Bum (24) and Moon Geun Young (26) in a relationship it was reveals by both agencies.

Minhyuk was born on June 28, 2. He was born at Chulsandong, but lived in Ilsan for 16 years. So, he think his hometown is Ilsan. Minhyuk favourite artist are Maroon5 and Linkin Park 5. Minhyuk also likes classical music like Chopin. Since young, his mother gave him various musical educations like piano and flute. Minhyuk have an interest to music since he liked classical music so he learned to play piano and flute.

Minhyuk liked band music after listening to Maroon5. Before minhyuk go on the stage, he usually goes to the restroom first. When minhyuk was young, he want to be a baseball player, and for profession, he want to be a lawyer. But now he want to be a musician. He loves it very much. Minhyuk likes football, baseball and also travelling.

Jewelry’s Yewon reveals she’s dated a celebrity in the past

Welcome to my blog.. Minhyuk was born on June 28, 2. He was born at Chulsandong, but lived in Ilsan for 16 years. So, he think his hometown is Ilsan.

Aug 02,  · Ha Ji Won’s shoulder bob makes her look younger and more professional while Kang Min Hyuk looks believable enough in his white coat at plenty of Asian young male doctors look way too young in real life thanks to preternatural baby faces.

Fantasy, Angst, Fluff Characters: PG Read this before watching video Chaos was breaking out in a small town on the eastern coast of South Korea. A new order was taking over and the native townspeople were suffering because of it. Amongst the townspeople were seven orphan boys whose only family was each other feeling more as brothers than friends. The brothers however could see how much Hoseok loved her and so they vowed to do whatever it took to protect her like she was a member of the family they had created for themselves.

When an attempt by her father to have her captured and brought back home went awry and she was almost killed the brothers vow would be put to the test. And with this the vampire X-Clan as they would come to be known was born. Will the newly turned vampire brothers be able to lead their townspeople in a revolution against the new order while learning to control their new found hunger and powers? Will Hoseok be able to protect the love of his life?

This is a video edit that I made. The edit is mine but the images and clips used are not.

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In the drama, he played Kwak Hyun, a physician who has a warm heart, and he did good. Even though it was his first time to take the lead role of major TV channel’s drama, he acted his part well. After the drama went off the air, Kang Minhyuk gave an interview to various Korean media outlets. Check out what he talked about his drama and career.

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They said that when most people accidentally kick a table leg, one would hold their foot and complain about the pain. However, Kang Min Hyuk would immediately climb onto his bed, complaining about the pain while crying. Cool and Natural Fashionista MinHyuk likes the natural style and loves wearing hats for a cool guy look, shades, and or a scarf for a warm look. Even when I think I already forgot about it. I had a really hard time after breaking up with my girlfriend.

King of Selca Minhyuk always carry his precious camera. He said this is a present from a fan.

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Minhyuk Monsta X Genre: High School AU and kinda fluff maybe??? Thanks to the patient anon for the request! I hope it was worth the wait! Originally posted by theseoks You walked down the hall of your school, all eyes on you for the first time ever.

Monsta X’s Dating Issue. It’s a common thing in K-Pop industry for idols to hide their love life or relationship in order to take care of the fans’ hearts or feelings.

Which couple is your favorite? The best WGM of all. Throughout the show, both were always honest with how they felt. Respect for each other was always there. Seohyun has showed how a lady should act while dating and Yonghwa did show us how a man should should treat a lady when dating. I can really see a bond or a relationship when I watch the two of them. The other couples in WGM has the feel of watching a variety show. I also like the feel of innocence in their relationship.

7 Dating Rumors That I Wish It Was Real

The reason why Jonghyun learned guitar is because he had a chance to watch mini live perf and thought that the guitarist was so cool. JongHyun loves pork soup. He said when he eats Pork Soup, he regrets his life. During high school, Minhyuk often went on a trip alone just with his camera.

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BTOB’s Minhyuk explains social media issue with ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend